Programme Topics

Baillie Gifford

Europe: A stock-picker's market - or - how I learned to stop worrying and forget the macro

  • Bottom-up stock-picking
  • Long-term growth
  • Alignment & stewardship
  • A multi-sleeve approach to investment

Thomas Coutts, Fund Manager of European Fund, Baillie Gifford

T. Rowe Price

The European equity landscape - identifying the opportunities

  • The emergence of a more favourable European equity environment?
  • The merits of a consistent, long-term focus on investing in quality companies
  • The importance of support from a large, fundamental research platform

Dean Tenerelli, Portfolio Manager, T. Rowe Price

HSBC Global Asset Managament

Seeking yield in the eurozone debt market

  • Investors may be seeking to invest in equities, but are euro government bonds or euro credit a better opportunity?
  • Is it a good time to invest in peripheral countries?
  • How has the massive wave of downgrades in 2012 impacted the credit markets?
  • How can an investor take advantage of a recovery in the Euro debt markets?

Brian Dunnett, Senior Fixed Income Product Specialist, HSBC Global Asset Management

Alliance Trust Investments

Europe: On the road to redemption

  • Is Europe the main beneficiary of the re-regionalisation of capital?
  • Does the Eurozone benefit from the growing instability of monetary policy?
  • The inevitability of restructuring
  • Revenge of the active stock-picker

Fiona MacRae, Fund Manager, Alliance Trust Investments